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STAGE RAW AWARD NOMINATION - I feel weird about posting this for some reason… and as I’m doing my laundry and watching the news I am trying to figure out why? Being recognized for my work feels good but announcing this feels disingenuous. First off, I am seriously honored to be included with these artists. I am actually taking a class right now with Jeff Perry and I am nominated alongside for him Leading Male Performance? I mean, crazy. Jeff is so good, so smart. All of these guys are. It’s a real honor to be included on this list. But back to this feeling of insecurity… why do I not want to post this? Why do I have a hesitation in announcing this nomination? I don’t know. It feels weird to be validated for something that I desire. I know it’s a little nomination for a theatre award in LA but to me it’s kinda big. It’s my first time I’ve been individually recognized for my work professionally. So, thank you Stage Raw… and to everyone who has helped and supported me along the way.

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