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The Actor's Director Workshop offers a safe space for filmmakers to build and embody a character, develop techniques which build trust with actors of all levels, and improve performances take by take. All through the exploration of storytelling from an actor's perspective.


Whether you're a director, showrunner, or creative hyphenate, this workshop will better equip you to direct actors with confidence, connect you with other filmmakers, and deepen your mission as an artist.

What You Bring To The Course:

  • an interest in directing and a desire to better understand the actor's process

  • directors, showrunners, and creative hyphenates at any level of experience are welcome

  • selected text (poem, monologue, etc.) which will be the foundation for independent work and exercises.


What You'll Get From The Course:

  • broaden your understanding of the actor's instrument

  • tangible tools to give playable vocal and physical notes

  • techniques to sharpen your communication with actors

  • a safe space to explore without the pressure of production


The Actor's Director Workshop is designed to experience and explore the embodiment of character with the intention of understanding how best to give tangible and inspired notes to actors. Participants will move their bodies, share their voices and unpack what makes them tick.


Participants will be guided through exercises which focus on how the present moment informs character development and crafting an effective character arc.


Participants will be guided through exercises which focus on understanding their own habitual vocal patterns and how that informs giving effective vocal notes to an actor.


Participants will be guided through exercises which focus on the primary ways to create physical life — destination, business and gesture.


COST: $475

*Sign up before April 20th and save $50 

Course enrollment is 6 participants per session.

3 spots left!

"Graham is not only a generous and knowledgeable teacher, but also a fun, empathetic, and wonderful human. As a director striving to be an actor's director, Graham's class provided me with additional tools that I can employ on set while working with actors. The same could be said for using these same tools as I write and create characters. His class insures that I can communicate actionable notes with actors, while also building trust with them. Highly recommend!"


- Meko Winbush

(Director: Gray Matter, Project Greenlight Winner)


"Any director seeking to expand the depth of their connection to actors and craft will find Graham's workshop inspiring, engaging and full of wisdom they will surely utilize in their films going forward.”


- Kristin Fairweather 

(Director: Breaking Girl Code, Sony Creator-in-Residence)


“Graham introduced me to a new side of the creative process for actors and created a comfortable environment for me to be vulnerable and learn. I'm excited to add these new ideas to my toolbox when collaborating with future casts." 


- Jacob Chase 

(Director: Come Play, The Girl in the Woods)

"Graham's workshop is such a Rosetta Stone, and each class introduces a new approach so that any director can use its tools in real world situations. You couldn't ask for a more empathetic, thoughtful, and impactful teacher for this important process." 

- Jonathan Ade

(Emmy Award Winning Filmmaker)

"Graham is one of those guys who has the wisdom to guide you through anything, not just acting and directing. It’s better than a MasterClass. It’s a Master Experience." 

- Luke Greenfield

(Director: The Girl Next Door, Let's Be Cops, Half Brothers)

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