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Last night, we were invited up to Warner Brothers to see "Sully" as a cast and crew. It was so good see the friends and colleagues that worked hard to make this movie a reality. The performances from everyone are amazing - all the way down the line. And it's remarkable how well directed the film is....

Personally, I met some great guys that I call close friends on "Sully" and that trumps even working with the legend that is Mr. Eastwood. I also met Sully himself and spoke with him for moment, sat and chit chatted with Tom Hanks & Aaron Eckhart in the make up trailer multiple days in a row and essentially shadowed / observed with eagle eyes how big studio movies like this are created, directed and what is expected from us as actors on such a huge film. I worked for about three weeks on "Sully" and in the end my sequence was cut from the final film. I'm in there for .5 seconds and if you blink you'll miss me but I'm credited at the end so Carlo Alfonso (my characters name) only exists in memory now... Thank you guys for all the love and support and I'm in this trailer for a very quick second!

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