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For the past year and a bit, Veronica, Shaina, Daniel, Eamon and I have been producing a documentary about Los Angeles 99 seat theatre and our struggle with Actor's Equity...

As the story continues to unfold with looming decisions still be made in court and within our intimate theatre companies, I believe we have documented a unique chapter in American culture.

No one can stop artists from creating theatre in Los Angeles. Not even a union. But what Actor's Equity can do is deplete the sweltering creative energy that our theatre community and all of Los Angeles was built on and pummel the infrastructure from which Los Angeles' theatre has been built.

This season of change within our community is not about fostering voice, creating opportunities or serving communities. We have that in spades. This is about money, small amounts of money, which could deliver the final blow to many theaters and erase voice, opportunity and service from their communities.

We need change. No one denying that. We all need to feel valued for our work. Our film, LOVE 99, will be a tool to stimulate conversation and further expose Los Angeles' struggle to freely create amidst a capitalist pressure to "grow".

We need your help to complete our documentary. We have been able to get this far pulling favors but we need the last bits of cash to deliver the film and get this story out there... THANK YOU!

CAST: Amir Levi, Katie Lowes, Rebecca Lyn Mozo, Michael A. Shepperd, Deborah S Craig, Daniel Stewart, Richard Azurdia, Frances Fisher and Helen Mirren.

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